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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.

Other labels

  • CloseInvalid
    This issue does not meet any standard or reasonable non-standard requirements to be further processed.
  • CloseObsolete
    This issue was split up into several sub-issues and does not exist on its own any more.
  • CloseRejected
    This feature proposal has been rejected. The decision should be explained in the issue description in the “Rationale” section.
  • CloseResolved
    The feature or bug fix is implemented, tested and documented if necessary and has successfully been reviewed. It can be included into the next release.
  • The issue describes unwanted behavior which is produced by outdated/non- compliant/erroneous/unratable third-party software or it describes something that is not a defect in the first place.
  • The performance problems or defective behavior cannot be reproduced even though the information in the issue seems to be complete or the allegedly missing documentation or spefication is available, accurate and complete.
  • Customer
    requested by customer(s)
  • The enhancement proposal has been accepted.
  • A proposed feature is to be discussed and further specified by the project team who then decides to accept or reject the proposal.
  • Need Funding
    The maintainers would like to tackle this issue but they also have to eat, drink, pay their rent, buy clothes for their children... If you need this, cannot resolve it yourself, and can support us otherwise please contact us.
  • Need Info
    The assignees cannot proceed with their work for a lack of information. If the information is not given to them in due time this issue will be closed.
  • On Hold
    The assignee cannot proceed with this issue due to dependency on another issue which needs to be closed or at least reach a certain state first.
  • Order
    When an issue is worked on due to a (paid) order, no matter whether the payment is per hour or fixed.
  • P1
    Priority: 1 (High)
  • P2
    Priority: 2 (Medium)
  • P3
    Priority: 3 (Low)
  • Question
    This issue is a question or a problem that can be answered by a person with enough information.
  • S1
    Severity 1 - Blocker: Outage, broken feature with no workaround.
  • S2
    Severity 2 - Critical: Broken Feature, workaround too complex & unacceptable.
  • S3
    Severity 3 - Major: Broken Feature, workaround acceptable.